A need for information –Krebsallianz funds an archive of patients’ experiences

Krebsallianz recently began funding the analysis of patient experiences for the online platform of krankheitserfahrungen.de. Male and female patients who have been through treatment for breast, bowel and prostate cancer were interviewed extensively so that others can learn from their experiences. Check out the interviews and their stories at krankheitserfahrungen.de. The website offer a wide spectrum of experiences and makes patient experience accessible for all those going through similar difficulties. Krebsallianz funds the website krankheitserfahrung.de in many ways, one other part of their support is to help find easier and more user friendly ways to present patients experience.

The experiences of others are central to determining the treatment of future patients, however little is known about the academic processes used to obtain this information and how it can best be made available to those in need.

Results from krankheitserfahrung.de most recent projects can help offer specific insight into the needs of current cancer patients and be effectively implemented to help improve their care. The website has been able to document 143 new patient thanks to the financial support of Krebsallianz. The main objective of the website is to understand the different roles of patient information and how it can help others. Which function does medical information have when dealing with cancer? Once experiences have been processed the next step is to use the information to develop an improved care plan for cancer patients.