Good news for Kiril

Krebsallianz’s most recent post campaign was a success. Thanks to numerous generous donations, Krebsallianz was able to donate all medicines necessary for Kiril’s treatment.

This donation of top quality chemotherapies just arrived in Chisinau, Moldova. Kiril’s family are extremely grateful at this chance of recovery.

The three-year-old Kiril was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the beginning of this year. Kiril’s mother, a seamstress and his father, a taxi driver both earn a modest wage.

Their income was not enough to cover his treatment. Kiril’s situation is similar to many poor families in Moldova. Basic insurance only secures a bed in a hospital.

Families like that of Kiril’s have little money to pay for extra treatment and they often borrow large sums from friends, or try and find better treatment in neighbouring countries like Ukraine.

Luckily for Kiril, Krebsallianz teamed up with the local charity Coram Deo and together, with the help of many donors, we were able to deliver him the exact chemotherapies he needs.

After some more tests, Kiril can begin his treatment. We at Krebsallianz would like to thank everyone who sent us their donations for Kiril!