Krebsallianz helps when catastrophe hits

Krebsallianz believes that nobody should suffer just because they can't afford medicines. Our partners in the Philippines were in dire need after flash flooding.  

After heavy flooding in the Philippines Krebsallianz was able to provide emergency kits for those affected by the floods as well as specific treatments for breast cancer. 

Our local partners, the “Asia America Initiative” received the donation gratefully and  took care of its distribution.

Free medicines prevent diseases

When natural disasters such as flooding or earthquakes hit, emergency kits are crucial  as they help prevent the outbreak of diseases. Floodings, like those seen recently in the Philippines, lead to contaminated water which can cause diseases such as diarrhoea or fever. As Albert Santoli, President of the “Asia America Initiative” told us, our donated emergency kits were distributed by the military to areas inaccessible to rescuers.

Essential medicines for cancer patients and victims of disasters

Disaster relief is not the core goal of Krebsallianz. Our efforts usually focus on helping cancer patients and their families in poor countries gain access to free medicines. In times of emergency, e.g. after the heavy earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 or just now after the floodings in the Philippines we are able to use our international network to help out and donate essential medicines.