Psycho-Social Care

kik counselling services Cologne

Since 2008 Krebsallianz supports the work of kik cancer counselling service in Cologne

kik is an independent, outpatient psycho-social counseling centre that has 14 years of experience and sees itself at the interface of in-patient, rehabilitation and after-care services. Its staff supports cancer patients and their families without their own financial interest.

Experience shows that it is particularly important for those affected to get answers to a variety of issues and problem areas at one place and from one person. Thus, kik offers psychological support, clarifications when there is medical uncertainty (e.g. seeking second opinion), answers to social and legal questions (job, pension, severe disability, government support, etc.) as well as help with applications.

Many jobless and financially weak cancer patients find their way to kik. Counseling there is always for free.

Services and speciality

  • Individual counseling by phone or face-to-face
  • Home and hospital visits
  • Support for focus groups: Women with cancer; women with breast cancer, women with ovarian and cervical cancer, men with cancer, family, colleagues and friends of cancer patients
  • Service centre for self-help and open groups 
  • End-of-life-care
  • A variety of courses offered (Relaxation training, back-to- work training, etc.)
  • Library (books, videos, etc.)
  • Support funds – non bureaucratic and fast financial support for those in need
  • „kik for kids“ - Helping children of cancer patients

Kik for Kids

In the past, the staff of kik has often been faced with the problematic impact of cancer on the whole family system. Apart from those directly suffering from cancer, it is often the children who suffer tremendously. They often ask: “Will Mummy/Daddy be well again? Does Mummy/Daddy have to die? Is it my fault? Is cancer infectious? How should I behave? Who will care for me / take me to bed when Mummy/Daddy is in hospital? If they are left alone with all those questions and concerns, it is likely that their mental and social development will be substantively disturbed.

Since the 1960s it is known epidemiologically that children of very ill parents are at risk of getting mentally ill. In order to come through those difficult times as well as possible, children need special attention and care. But often parents are unable to cope with that need. Kik has recognized that there is a call for action and initiated the first cancer counseling project for children in 2002: “kik for kids”.

The goal of the project is to support children and teenagers in a sudden and life threatening situation. By strengthening them, the whole family system can be stabilised and the parents concerned about their children can be relieved.

On the one hand, the services offered prevent of mental and physical damage and on the other it is an important pillar in the healing process of the cancer patients themselves

Help Fund

Some people seeking advice lack the most simple things because of their critical financial situation. This kind of support is a tremendous relief for those in need and often a great source of joy. Kik finances support stockings, a track suit for the time in hospital, a train ticket to get to the rehabilitation clinic or sometimes even a visit to the cinema or a museum.

Executive Director: Karin Henkel


'Kik for Kids' gets the sun cream out and heads off to the farm!

The Kik cancer counseling service raises awareness of the dangers of skin cancer and teaches local children about the effective use of skin protection.

Cancer is not taboo for the 'kik for kids' team; their promotional activity for ' Prevention Skin Cancer' as part of the 'kik for kids' program, brought children together to further their understanding of skin protection. Children were invited to decorated their very own sun hats whilst getting to know the importance of the right pair of sunglasses. 

Another regular activity of 'kik for kids' is the stay on a youth farm. Parents report the farm visit as always being a memorable occasion for all. With a lot of positive feedback the 'kik for kids' team continue to offer this group activity of a stay on a youth farm. The cognitive and emotional challenges that the children experience from both nature and animals helps them in many unique ways.

Kik for kids has offered help and support for children and youths with relatives suffering from cancer since 2002. Their duties include a telephone advice service, group activities such as the youth farm stay  alongside days out to the local football bundesliga games of FC Köln. They also offer the kids creative workshops such as arts and crafts as well as many sporting activities.

Kik believes that: “The biggest favour that one can do for a child, is to ensure that they not only have a place to rid themselves of their worries, but also a place to have fun!”

Krebsallianz has been in cooperation with the Kik counselling service in cologne since 2008. They have been collectively working together to offer relatives of people suffering from cancer advice and support. Their services are not only offered to children, all family members affected by cancer in some way are encouraged to get in touch with kik to make the most of their variety of services.

The annual donation made by Krebsallianz helps patients with cancer deal with the psychological issues that assists this disease as well as treating their family and those affected by the disease with the necessary support and advice they need.

Other recent projects supported by kik are the “Sonnenbus” (Sunbus) which travels around the cologne area reaching out to school children to improve their knowledge and the way they deal with skin cancer prevention through effective means of skin protection. Kik for kids also welcomes children to an illness-free world in which they can paint, and make pottery. This offers kids a chance to escape their troubles and regenerate with other children who find themselves in a similar situation.

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