Success Stories

The successes of Krebsallianz

Krebsallianz supports the UICC World Cancer Day 2019

Each year the UICC marks World Cancer Day on February 4th with a global awareness raising campaign. They highlight key issues, facts and publish preventative measures on cancer control around the world. 

Psychosocial Support in Nepal

Krebsallianz partners with a children's psychosocial centre in Nepal. The Nepali Dirghaavei Voluntary Group, based in Kathmandu, aims to alleviate the distress of childhood cancer sufferers and their families.

Krebsallianz supports the UICC 2018 World Cancer Day 

World Cancer Day on Feb 4th is an annual event organised by the UICC to spread awareness and debunk myths about cancer. This year, Krebsallianz, in support of World Cancer Day shares the message: Together we can beat cancer. I can. We can. 

Breast Cancer patients receive good quality chemotherapy 

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women worldwide. In countries with advanced medical care the five-year survival of early stage breast cancers is 80–90 per cent, falling to 24 per cent for breast cancers diagnosed at a more advanced stage. 

Children in Honduras helped by a donation of valuable medicines 

Highly curable in developed nations, childhood leukemia known as acute lymphocytic leukemia or ALL, is too often a death sentence in developing countries. Krebsallianz teamed up with Hospital Escuela in Honduras to provide children with a chance of recovery. Osman Hernandez, Oliver Bustillo, Neichmy Aguilar and Neng Williams are four leukemia patients who are still alive because of this donation.

5-year-old Kiril in need of treatment

Kiril’s family earn a small income and cannot afford the treatment but somehow they must come up with 1000 a month to give Kiril the chance he deserves at a healthy life.

Oliver Bustillo on World Cancer Day 2017

Each year the UICC raises awareness with the annual event ‘World Cancer Day’. The world cancer day campaign aims to reach more people by raising awareness on specific cancer control solutions. The awareness and solutions are aimed to reach all levels; from members of the public to governmental policy implementation

Moldova receives a donation of Capecitabine

Krebsallianz, in accordance with our partners Coram Deo, in Chisinau, received a generous donation of Capecitabine. We donated this chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients of the Oncology Hospital in Chisinau. 

Petra receives a generous donation of Oncaspar

After being diagnosed with Leukemia aged 4, in 2010, Petrea has been in and out of hospital, trying many different types of chemotherapies. As is custom in Moldova, Vera had to stay in the ward with Petrea during his treatment, the longest time was 9 months. 

Dinanyoris' 3 year struggle against breast cancer 

Dinanyoris has been battling breast cancer for the past three years. Her fight is not over yet, her supportive husband Victor, and loving three year old son are with her all the way, refusing to give up. Since being diagnosed in 2012, Dinanyoris has had a double mascetomy, 16 rounds of chemotherapy, and a long course of Herceptin. Read more...

Krebsallianz visits partner in Moldova

In September Krebsallianz visited Moldova to experience the impact of their most recent donation Paclitaxel first hand. The trip was a success, we gathered positive feedback about the donation as well as renewing ties with our long standing partner Coram Deo. Read more...

Herceptin donation for a mother in the dominican republic

Dinányoris first realised something was seriously wrong when she was unable to produce breast milk to feed her new born son. Dinányoris had found a lump on breast one year previous, yet this was thought not to be harmful and filled with liquid. Yet after a more intense diagnosis - it turned out to be breast cancer. Aged 32, a new born baby and the fight against breast cancer stood before her.Read more...

Ion receives haemophilia medicine Factor VIII

Ion was diagnosed with haemophilia when he was only 5 months old.  Hospital visits have become a way of life for Ion. His 11 year old brother also suffers from the same chronic disease and their parents are constantly having to take them the 150km journey to the main hospital in Chisinau. Read more...

Recently out of surgery Sizetsiana is still trying to figure out where she is. Her mother, Tatiana, speaks softly so as not to unduly disturb her daughter. They are waiting for pathology results to confirm or not whether her mole is malignant and has metasisied or not. Resources of chemotherapy in Moldova are hard to come by and expensive. Read more...

Haemophilia treatment for Petru helps him live his life easier

In spite of the fact that Petru is bone thin and his knee has swollen to the size of a large head of cabbage, he is smiling. Afflicted with hemophilia, diagnosed at the age of one, his health is in constant jeopardy. Living from one bleeding crisis to the next has taken a toll on his stamina and permanently altered his lifestyle. Read more...

Gigson and his mum are a strong team together

In March 2008, Gigson was diagnosed with Leukemia. Life since then has been a blur of traveling and treatments. The two of them look remarkably composed compared to the actual chaos of their lives. Gigson’s smile is infectious. It transforms his face with an impish splash. He’s seven years old but the self-confidence he projects makes him seem older. Read more...

Mercedes is cancer free and healthy!

Mercedes was diagnosed and treated for Neuroblastoma. Every month she comes back to the hospital for an Ultra Sound test and every 6 months she needs CT scans. She looks great and says she feels great and her doctors report that she doing great. Read more...

While playing at school Amee fell and hit her head. This was followed by vomiting. When she got home she was disoriented and off balance. Then the seizures began. In 2007 she was diagnosed with an astrocytoma. Krebsallianz has donated this Temodar just in time for Amee to start treatment.

Sophia from Honduras

Sophia, a brave young girl from Honduras was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She has undergone two intrusive surgeries to remove the tumor and is still under going chemotherapy. So far her treatment has given positive results. Read more...