Capcetabine Donation for Moldova

Krebsallianz donates Capecitabine

 Krebsallianz increases the chances of recovery of two cancer patients

The severity of the lack of medical solutions in Moldova has worsened over the past few years. More and more drugs are becoming unavailable and supplies are becoming even harder to access. Finding efficient and affordable treatment for cancer suffers adds an extra burden to the fight against this disease. 

At the Oncology Hospital in the capital city Chisinau the doctors and nurses campaign to many international aid organizations asking for efficient treatments. The government is not able to provide patients with the medicines they need. The newer and better quality treatment is very difficult to gain access to in poorer countries such as Moldova. Capecitabine, for example, is a chemotherapy used to treat colon and breast cancer.

Krebsallianz, in accordance with our partners Coram Deo, Chisinau, received a generous donation of Capecitabine. We donated this chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients of the Oncology Hospital in Chisinau.  

Two patients who benefited from the donation are Vlah Ludmillia and Stephan Sambujuc; 

Vlah Ludmila, a 48-year old cook from Comrat, a city 2 hours outside of Chisinau, was diagnosed with second stage colorectal cancer at the beginning of the year. Desperate and confused she began to try and find treatments online, she didn’t know where to turn.

She was mentally exhausted yet she wanted badly to fight the fight on her own. She was getting nowhere and luckily she decided to seek medical treatment. This was just after the Oncology Hospital received a donation of Capecitabine from Krebsallianz. She will receive a total of six rounds of chemotherapy combined with radiation treatment.

It is still early days and she says she feels excellent on the Capecitabine and is staying positive. She receives a lot of support from her husband and close relatives yet she struggles financially. So far, she has spent 1000€ on her hospital stay, travel and all the extra costs that fall on a patient in Moldova.

State health insurance can only guarantee patients a bed in a hospital. Luckily Krebsallianz was able to donate chemotherapy free of charge.

Stefan Sambujuc, a 62 year old former construction worker also benefited from this donation. He has been suffering since 2010 with sharp back pains and his doctors diagnosed him with bad haemorrhoids and suggested he be operated on immediately.

Unfortunately, the surgery turned out to be extremely painful for him. At the beginning of this year, during a routine medical check-up he was correctly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. His previous experience with surgery means that he now vehemently refuses to have any more.

Stefan so he lives by himself in small village in Anenii – Noi county, one-hour drive from Chisinau. His wife left him long time ago and his children live in Chisinau. 

Before treatment Stefan was struggling with acute pain and he had little to no appetite. Now after his first two rounds of Capecitabine he says his pain has become bearable and his appetite is back.

He is so grateful for the alternative solution of chemotherapy as it means he doesn’t need surgery. He is very optimistic and grateful for this donation from Krebsallianz. 

Dr. Natalia Susenco, acting department head, expresses her deepest gratitude for the donation, Capecitabine is very expensive on the Moldovan market and also very difficult to find. She thanks Krebsallianz and Coram Deo for the donation and the chance at recovery it offers the neediest patients who are battling colon cancer.