Herceptin donation for a mother in the dominican republic

A donation of Herceptin for a mother in the dominican republic

Fundación Solidaria del Divino Niño Jesús (FSDNJ)

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Dinányoris first realised something was seriously wrong when she was unable to produce breast milk to feed her new born son.

Dinányoris had found a lump on breast one year previous, it was thought not to be harmful and filled with liquid. Yet after a more intense diagnosis - it turned out to be breast cancer.

Aged 32, a new born baby and the fight against breast cancer stood before her. 

The diagnosis came when going to the doctors for a check-up.

She was given a sonogram on her left breast and a small biopsy on the lump.

The results were ambiguous and the whole tumour had to be removed to be examined and analysed. Only then were the doctors able to determine that the tumour was one of malignant nature. 

After a hormone test showed positive levels of a hormone HER Dinányoris became aware of the high risks of the cancer metastasising or returning.

To greatly reduce the risks, she opted for a double mastectomy which was to be followed immediately by reconstructive surgery. 

After the ordeal of surgery Dinányoris had to go through 16 sessions of chemotherapy. As the HER hormone levels were high the cancer would have a higher chance to spread quickly if it were to return.

There are however ways of dealing with this. The drug Herceptin treats the over production of the HER hormone by interfering with the receptor.

The HER protein stimulates cell proliferation and can cause cancerous cells to reproduce rapidly. Dinányoris was therefore prescribed with Herceptin 150mg. 

As Dinányoris and her Family had already used the maximum capacity of the insurance for the year 2013, the insurance was not able to cover the treatment of Herceptin.

This treatment in total costs approximately RD$ 1,725,075.00 (around 30,000€). For Dinányoris and her family to have raised that money would have been impossible.

Especially when her husband is the sole bread winner and they have a 2 year old son to take care of. 

Krebsallianz and Roche were there to help Dinányoris. Together they were able to donate the prescribed drug Herceptin to Dinányoris to help her on her recovery from breast cancer. 

Dinónyoris and her family are so very grateful for this donation.

With tears in her eyes she explains to us that she will be eternally thankful and feels blessed and loved by God for giving her the opportunity of living. 

Once the Herceptin treatment is finished, Dinányoris must continue with hormone treatment for the following 5 years.

She hopes that after that she can get pregnant again to give her baby boy a brother or a sister.