Ion receives haemophilia medicine Factor VIII

Ion Uzunov receives FActor Viii

Institutia Medico-Sanitara Publica Oncologic, Chisinau, Moldova

It’s become a way of life for Ion – he knows no other - hospitals, doctors, pain – but most of all, missing out. Missing out on everything boys like most – playing hard, sports, exploring – everything.

Everything that is except sitting quietly and moving carefully. Hemophilia is a constant companion.

Only five months old when he was diagnosed, he’s a seasoned veteran. But this has not lessened the look of wistfulness in his huge brown eyes.

His face is sensitive, his manner serious. Now thirteen he has grown up fast in this hospital world of adults.

Life is definitely a struggle for Ion’s parents as well. They live about 150 kilometers away from Chisnau in the town of Taraclia, where his father, Ion, is a tractor driver but currently unemployed. 

His mother, Sveltana, is handicapped and works for a hospital keeping medical records, her income only amounting to the equivalent of $32.00 a month.  

As can be frequently the case, Ion’s brother, who is eleven years old, is also a hemophiliac. These circumstances have changed and shaped the lifestyle and focus of the entire family. 

Life revolves around financial problems and keeping the brothers healthy. No wonder the hospital feels sometimes like home and sometimes like prison. 

Ion seems resigned and a little sad. Every year the number of times he has dangerous episodes and must come to the hospital vary. 

This year he has been in the hospital for a total of four months. This particular visit has been a week so far. 

The reason for each crisis varies as well. Many times there is no obvious instigating issue. 

This time he had developed a massive headache, was having trouble walking and the back of his neck had become horribly inflamed. 

As usual his mother took the three-hour bus trip with him to the hospital, then went immediately back home to work and care for Ion’s brother. Ion was alone in the hospital again.

Ion professes to feeling better now. But the treatments available are usually far from perfect. That is why the donations from Krebsallianz of Factor VIII are so vital to the hospital. 

This is a huge leap ahead in treatment therapy for hemophilia patients. With enough Factor VIII many of these patients could lead much more normal lives.

When Ion is at home his parents try their best to fill the void in his life. 

Fishing is his favorite pastime and can be accomplished with a minimum of exertion and physical danger. It is a contemplative activity that suits his nature well. 

He is provided a tutor for home schooling, which he looks forward to. Biology is his favorite and best subject and it is no surprise that he dreams of a career in medicine.