Nouhoum is smiling again!


Women and Children's Hospital, Koutiala, Mali

When looking at Nouhoum- this smiling 14 year old, one would never guess the ordeal he has suffered the past year. Nouhoum has had to endure the pain of having a massive lymphoma in his groin. He finally approached the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children, when the tumour on his groin had grown bigger than the size of a football! The tumour had caused him not only large discomfort and pain, but immense shame for him and his family due to its size and odour. Luckily in Koutiala the malignant nature of his tumour and operated on immediately. Dr Dan Kim the paediatric surgeon operated on Nouhoum and successfully removed his enormous tumour. 


 After surgery Nouhoum had to undergo a course of chemotherapy and luckily Krebsallianz were able to donate the appropriate chemotherapy drugs to hinder the cancer returning. The doctors at the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children report that Nouhoum is doing extremely well without showing any signs of the cancer returning. 

“Thank you to Krebs Allianz for your generosity and partnership with us in Mali! Childrens' lives are being saved through you!”– Brett MacLean- MD Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children